Screen Printing

Screen Printing Boise, ID and Portland, OR

Shop Strange does Screen Printing in Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon. Screen Printing is an excellent choice for many different types of custom projects. It is widely used for large quantity orders with 1-6 color logos. Screen printing allows for a large selection of fabric types to be printed on. You can choose from 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, Tri-Blends, as well as 100% polyester.

Traditionally Screen printing has set up fees and dozens of hidden charges involved with each order. At Shop Strange we have made it easy on the customer by eliminating any setup fees or confusing charges. Our friendly staff guides you through the process of setting up your logo for screen printing, selecting the type of garment that is best suited for your project, and meeting deadlines.

Screen Printing is useful for a wide variety of custom projects. Many businesses in the Treasure Valley use screen printing for their employee shirts, hoodies, jackets, and long sleeve shirts. It is a great way to brand your business and have your employees looking professional. Many other popular projects for screen printing, are Musician/Band Merchandise, Sporting league team shirts, event shirts, such as a walk or run, as well as promotional giveaways.

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